• Apples


    Ready picked or u-pick, we have 50 varieties of fresh, delicious apples from August to April. A full list of our apple varieites and when they ripen can be found here.


  • Tart Cherries


    We start our season with pick-your-own Tart Cherries in Mid-July. Pitting is available onsite after you're done picking, and is always free!


  • Peaches


    Mid-August and into September, we have some of the juiciest, tastiest varieties of free stone peaches the famous Romeo peach growing area has to offer.


  • Pears


    Bosc, Bartlett, D'Anjou, and Shenandoah. Pears aren't just for fresh eating anymore, so come get some this fall to try out in what will sure to be your new favorite recipe.


  • Apple Cider


    From Mid September to April, we use our own unique blend of hand picked apples to press our famous Apple Cider. After one taste, you'll know why our cider has set us above the rest!


  • Pumpkins


    Ranging in sizes from personal to jack-o-lantern, no other decoration is more synonymous with the Fall season than pumpkins.


  • Donuts


    When you come in for healthy apples, cider, and honey, who could resist indulging in some freshly baked donuts? If you can pass up the sight in the display case, you surely will have to give in after smelling them being freshly baked in the kitchen!


  • Honey


    Anytime we're open, we always have jarred honey collected from bees in our own orchard and collected & jarred by Honeyflow Farm. Available in sizes ranging from 8ozs to 5lbs.


  • Sweet Cherries


    It's still years in the making, but the new Sweet Cherry orchard is planted and growing for its first harvest in a few years.




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