Varieties & Timing

  • Below are the all the varieties that Brookwood Fruit Farm produces in order of maturity. If there are other varieties that you wish to purchase or have any questions about a variety, please let us know at


  • Mid -July 

    Montmorency Tart Cherries


  • July & August 

    Lodi - An improved variety over Yellow Transparent. A large yellow apple ready mid-July. A good eating or pie apple for its timing.


    PF-1 Peaches


    Viking - An early apple with aromatic, tart white flesh. Holds its flavor well when baked.


    PF-13 Peaches


    Jersey Mac - A variety of the McIntosh family, ripens a full month earlier. Red, aromatic, firmed textured, and juicy.


    Tydeman's Red - Very similar to a McIntosh but ripe a full month earlier. Large and juicy, expectional for pies.


    Red Haven Peaches


    Glo Haven Peaches


  • Early September 

    Coral Star Peaches


    Paula Red - Very good early season apple with a tart flavor and good aroma, good for fresh eating or in pies.


    Zestar! - "Crunch into Zestar!" Being hailed as the new Honeycrisp, Zestar! is sure to be the next big thing in apples! Has an excellent sweet-tart balance with a brown sugar overtone. Also good for cooking, but after one taste, you'll just want to eat them all fresh.


    Ginger Gold - A cross between a Golden Delicious and Albemarle Pippen. A larger sized yellow apple that many feel is the best early yellow apple of the season. Good for eating or cooking.


    Bartlett Pears


    Royal Gala - One of the top three most popular apple varieties in Michigan. Has a crisp bite with a mellow sweetness great for eating fresh or cooking. Tastes great, looks great, smells great.


    Fulford Gala - A larger-sized Gala finishing with a blush rather than a stripe. Great for eating in-season, but is not a good keeper.


    Prima - An early apple commonly compared to the Jonathan. Its rich flavor and crisp texture make it an excellent dessert apple.


  • Mid September 

    Honeycrisp - Extremely popular new variety. A crisp sweet flavor with an unusual color that is excellent for any use.


    McIntosh (Macintosh) - One of the most recognizable apple varieties. Juicy, white flesh, lightly tart, and excellent aroma. Good for salads, sauce, cider, pies, or fresh. Accounts for around 50% of Canada's production.


    Linda Mac - A true McIntosh flavor with a stripe free, bright red color. A good sweet flavor excellent for baking and fresh eating. 


    Redmax - An early variety from the Macintosh family. Similar in taste and quality to a Macintosh but more firm.


    Daybreak Fuji - An early variety of Fuji. An excellent hard, sweet apple good for any use.


    Shenandoah Pears


    D'Anjou Pears


    Bosc Pears


    CrimsonCrisp - A medium sized apple that has a a very firm, crisp texture with a tart, complex flavor.


    Triumph - A new variety from the group that developed Honeycrip. A pleasantly tart and well-balanced red apple with a good storage life.


    Crimson Gold - The fruit colors nicely with a near full red-orange blush on a yellow background, and the flesh is white, firm and juicy. Apples are medium in size with a sweet-tart flavor. One of the best storing new varieties on the market today.


  • Late September 

    Cortland - A large apple similar in flavor, but sweeter, to that of a Macintosh. It's large size and juicy sweet flavor makes it a popular September & October variety. One of the best varieties for salads because its flesh is very white and slow to brown.


    Autumn Crisp - Good size and texture, the fruit is sweeter than it is tart, making it great for fresh eating. Fruit is also considered non-browning or very slow to oxidize.


    Wolf River - An heirloom variety that is large and extremely hard to find. Best for pies or apple sauce. Apples can usually grow large enough to bake an entire pie with only a single apple.


    Jonnee - An early variety of the Jonathan family. Tart and juicy, best for fresh eating, pies, or apple sauce.


    Jonathan - Very good traditional apple. Good for eating fresh and its juicy, spicy tang flavor blend well with other apples for cooking.


    Red Cort - An variety of the Cortland family. Earlier ripening than the traditional Cortland. Similar in taste and quality but typically a smaller apple than the traditional Cortland.


    Rhode Island Greening - One of the oldest varieties in our collection. A yellowish green apple that is large, firm, crisp, and juicy. Renowed for its pie quality, but also good for a baked apple.


    Wilton's Red Jonaprince - An outstanding off-sport of Jonagold. Sweet & tart in the same bit and good for any use. Usually larger and redder than traditional Jonagold.


    Shizuka - An early Mutsu variety. Hard and sweet, best for fresh eating.


    Snow - A small apple similar in flavor to that of a Cortland that many people remember eating as a child. It's small size has lead many growers to stop producing it, making the Snow apple one of the most hard to find varieties in Michigan. Better get this variety while is lasts!


    Empire - Its sweet and tart in the same bite flavor makes it excellent for eating fresh. Taste is similar to that of a Macintosh but with much more of a crunch. Also good for baking, slices, and is popular for caramel apples.


    SnowSweet - "Savor the Sweet" It's becoming an increasingly popular variety similar to that of Honeycrisp. It has a delightful sweet taste, with a slight tart balance and rich overtone. Also has a snow white flesh that is slow to oxidize and turn brown after cutting, making it a perfect choice for slices or salads.


    Golden Delicious (Yellow Delicious) - The most popular and well-known yellow variety. Sweet taste and thin skin makes good for fresh eating and salads, and is a professional's choice for sauce, cider, and pies.


    Royal Empire - Nearly identical in taste to the original Empire but colors a deep scarlet red with a faint stripe


  • Early October

    Idared (Ida Red) - Crisp apple that is tart, juicy and good for any use.


    Jonagold - Top apple variety in the world. Extremely crisp and juicy, and is sweet and tart in the same bite. A good smelling apple that usually is medium to large.


    Red Delicious - America's most popular and most recognizable variety. Classically red with five "bumps" along its bottom. Its crisp sweet flavor with a yellowish flesh is best for fresh eating.


    Spigold (Spy Gold) - Large variety that is a mix of golden yellow with bright red stripes. Crisp and mildly sweet that stores well and is excellent for pies and sauce.


    Northern Spy - "Spies are for Pies!" Regarded as the best variety for making pie. A late ripening, old variety that stores well and has a tart flavor that cooks excellently in pies and sauce.


    Mutsu (Crispen) - Also known as Crispin in the western US and is generally regarded as an improved Golden Delicious. A medium sized yellow to green apple that is excellent for any use.


  • Mid October

    Suncrisp - A highly rated new variety related to Golden Delicious, this dual-purpose golden apple has a sweet, spicy flavor.


    Turly Winesap - Oblate shaped with red/purple stripes over a green base. Excellent cooking apple with a tart flavor.


    Lawspur Rome - A large round apple with a mild, sweet flavor. Good for a baked apple because it holds it shape and flavor well.


    York - An intense tart/sweet flavor with firm flesh


    Nova Spy - Wonderful, vanilla-like flavor. A large sized apple that is great for fresh-eating, pies, or cider. Many people are now hailing it as the best Spy variety.


    Red Cameo - Tastes and ripens identical to the original Cameo, but with a significant improvement in visual appeal.


    Fuji - Terrific apple that is sweet, crisp, flavorful, and stores incredibly well; making it the number one apple in Japan and accounting for 80% of China's entire apple production.


  • Late October & Early November

    Braeburn - Crisp and sweet with good flavor. Excellent for apple sauce. One of the latest apples of the year.


    EverCrisp - An exciting cross of Honeycrisp x Fuji has many replacing EverCrisp as the new favorite variety, even over Honeycirsp. The fruit looks and tastes like a very sweet Fuji, but has the crunchy texture of Honeycrisp.


    Granny Smith - Generally is the last ripening variety in most orchards. Very green, very crisp, very tart, and a very good keeper.


    Pink Lady - Medium to large, with a crisp sweet-tart flavor. Stores excellent for enjoying well into the summer months.



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  • "Why do we need so many kinds of apples? Because there are so many folks. A person has a right to gratify his legitimate tastes. If he wants twenty or forty kinds of apples for his personal use, running from Early Harvest to Roxbury Russet, he should be accorded the privilege. Some place should be provided where he may obtain trees or scions. There is merit in variety itself. It provides more points of contact with life, and leads away from uniformity and monotony."

     -Liberty Hyde Bailey

    from The Apple Tree (1922)